Hotline 2 Online Slot Rating and reviews

Hotline 2 Online Slot Rating and reviews

Sonny, Rico, Quinn, Jheri, and the stunning Kitty Weiss have all returned, and this time they’re even crazier than before! A sequel to one of NetEnt’s most successful slot machines, Hotline, which is based on and inspired by the popular television program Miami Vice from the 1980s, has been created. Brace yourself, for the things that Hotline 2, the sequel, can provide will blow your mind, regardless of whether you were a fan of the program or you just enjoyed the initial slot. In any case, you should be ready to be blown away.

The video slot with five reels and an initial 243 ways to win comes loaded with Expanding Wilds, the well-known Hotline Bonus Bet, and Free Spins, during which you have the potential to get up to 1,944 ways to win and rewards of more than 5,184 times your original bet. Read through our comprehensive review of Hotline 2 to learn how to activate these features and get that enviable payoff for yourself.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Hotline 2

In Hotline 2, NetEnt has done an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the 1980s and bringing it to players on all of their devices. Because it is rendered in HTML5, the slot machine may be played on any device powered by Android or iOS. This allows you to load it anytime you want, regardless of where you are or where you happen to be.

When you do this, you will see that the reels are placed on a Miami street that is scorching hot, that below them is a three-dot display, and that next to them is a button labeled “Buy Feature.” However, we shall explain everything there is to know about these elements in the near future. You’ll find the speaker at the bottom of the screen, just below the button that says “Buy Feature.” Here, you may choose to turn off or turn on the noises that play while you play the slot machine. As you go to the left, you will first see the display for your Balance, then the display for your Wins. Then, in the middle, you’ll find a button labeled “Replay,” as well as buttons labeled “Spin” and “Autospin.” Moving farther to the left will bring you to the Bet display as well as the Bet configuration button, which allows you to put bets ranging from 0.10 to 50 credits. At long last, the button with the three bars will appear.

If you press or click on this button, you will be sent to the payout table. You’ll run across the symbols in this section. You will find that the primary characters from the television show provide the finest rewards, and they are also the symbols that pay out the most money, with Kitty Weiss offering the highest payoff. The next item in the sequence is the Ruby, followed by the necklace in the form of a heart, the ring in red, the necklace in purple, the necklace in blue, and finally the ring in green. The emblem for the Scatter is the flamingo in neon, while the symbol for the Wild is a street sign with the word “Wild” printed on it.

Free Spins and Other Features Available in Hotline 2

When it comes to extra features, the Hotline 2 online slot is similar to NetEnt’s popular Starburst online slot in that it does not provide that many, but the ones that are included are without a doubt more than enough to keep players entertained. The operation of the Hotline is the primary topic that has to be covered in this meeting. You may recall from the first version that there is a Hotline Zone that consists of the three center reels and that each of these reels may be activated independently. At any one time throughout the game, you may have one, two, or all three of your Hotlines active.

During the standard game, the Wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 alone. Reel 3 acts as a Hotline while the basic game is being played, meaning that any Wild symbols that fall on it will grow. Full reel coverage is provided by the Expanding Wild. Now, even if the Hotline Zone on the reel 3 is activated by default, you may also activate the Hotline Zones on the reels 2 and 4 by placing an extra wager. If you engage the Twice Wager by playing double the stake, reels 3 and 4 become Hotlines. If you activate the Triple Bet by playing triple the bet, all three middle reels become Hotlines. When you have all of the Hotlines active, your chances of getting Expanding Wilds are increased.

If you get three scatter symbols anywhere on the middle reels, you’ll be rewarded with seven free spins. Whenever a Wild symbol lands on a Hotline when you are playing the free spins bonus, it will always grow to fill the whole reel. In addition to this, the reel that they land on expands by one symbol, giving players extra opportunities to win. The reel may reach a maximum height of 6 positions, and the total number of possible winning combinations is a maximum of 1,944! If a reel with a Hotline reaches its maximum height, you are awarded two more free spins. If a reel with no Hotlines reaches its maximum height, you are awarded one additional free spin.

Finally, we get to the Buy Feature that was discussed previously. You may buy your way into the Free Spins by playing 20x, 40x, or 60x the Base Stake, respectively, and obtaining the associated bonuses with each bet. Alternatively, you can buy your way into the Free Spins by playing the Triple Bet.

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